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Centi Payment & Tokenization Services

We are a payment services company which on one side provides an app (wallet interface) for consumers, and on the other side provides integration solutions for merchants and partners. We build our payment solutions on the BitcoinSV blockchain. However, we think that consumers and merchants are not yet ready to deal in any crypto directly for payments, at least not on a bread scale, which is why we are also currently developing a payment stablecoin on top of BitcoinSV. We use a technology called STAS for this, which we also allow our merchants to use to issue loyalty points, tickets, vouchers, coupons etc. Our technology allows that stuff can flow back from merchant to consumer also (e.g. cashback, loyalty points or tokens for sold items, like tickets) and allows for different means of payment to work in parallel. E.g. our invoice which is usually presented in the form of a QR-code can contain the option to either pay in BitcoinSV, stablecoin or loyalty points.


Centi Ltd

City: Zürich
Country: Switzerland