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Credit Repair Lawyers of America

We have been fixing credit reports since 2008. Credit reports can be damaged not only by identity theft, but by creditors who do not record payments timely, report incorrect information such accounts that are closed as still open and late and charge offs when an account is settled. There are many ways that your credit report can get damaged without you knowing about it. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. We are here to help you at no out of pocket charge. Illinois consumers who think they don’t need credit repair are in for a surprise when they learn how frequent credit report errors occur. In fact, about 80% of credit reports contain inaccuracies of some kind. Why? Creditors and credit reporting agencies frequently make mistakes, and we don’t think that consumers should pay for these slip-ups with lower credit scores. We also don’t take “no” for an answer when the credit bureaus won’t cooperate with our requests. If they refuse to remove inaccurate information from credit reports then we sue them on behalf of our clients. In fact, we are one of the nation’s largest filers of lawsuits to repair credit under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”). Also, not only do we collect both our fees and costs from defendants in settled cases, but in some cases, these same defendants must pay damages to our clients. Our firm has a great deal of experience dealing with creditors and the credit reporting agencies. Unlike credit repair companies, we sue creditors and credit reporting agencies when they don’t fix your credit reports. While other law firms rtymay write demand letter after letter, we only write one letter. If the credit reporting agencies do not fix the problem immediately, we sue them and the creditors for reporting false information. If you want your credit report fixed quickly and without any out of pocket charge to you, then you are in the right place.


159 N Sangamon St #200, Chicago, IL 60607

City: Chicago
Country: USA
Phone: (312) 467-7380
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